The view from the windows at the back of my house in Camden is, was, a wall, and a bit of sky. Urban living. This was my site to be improved by lettering. With no access to garden and saturated with wall, the plan was to bring a garden up to break the brick monotony. Starting with a quote from J D Salinger ‘bouquet of parentheses’, the idea to construct an image out of lettering explicitly referring to this construction in the language. Birds /, flowers ((())) and a tree /_/. BOUQUET OF PARENTHESES FLOCK OF SOLIDUS TALL TREE runs down the trunk out of direct sight. The lettering fits the bricks and is designed to be made from 5cm strips of thin weathering steel standing on edge. Spindly and unimposing, it’s about texture and shadows created by the sun throughout the day. Different windows frame various sections of a larger composition.

featured in Gestalten publications Tactile (2007) and Playful Type (2008),
and Laurence King publication The 3D Type Book (2011)